2016 Fall Bird Count Report

The Carroll County Bird Club Fall Count took place on September 17, 2016. Twenty-five observers in eleven parties covered a total of 38.9 miles on foot and 204.4 miles in a vehicle. At Hashawha, we had a whole team of watchers provided by the Frederick Bird Club. They had a field trip scheduled there that day and were kind enough to count. Reports from feeder-watchers were also helpful.
6854 individual birds were recorded, belonging to 104 different species. This last number was up quite a bit from 2015 when we had 93. The weather was better this year.
There were some good birds seen including 14 warbler and 4 vireo species. There were write-ins for two of the latter. Yellow-throated and Philadelphia were both recorded. Flycatchers also put on a good show, with some actually singing. Least and Willow were very good finds.
All species of woodpeckers that one would expect were encountered except for Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Two Barn Swallows hung around long enough to be counted and there were six species of shorebirds.
Thanks to Maureen and Dave who hosted the Tally Rally again. And, thanks to everyone who counted.

The top 20 bird species in terms of numbers. Most, but not all are pretty predictable.
European Starling 1319
Canada Goose 589
American Robin 430
American Crow 373
Red-winged Blackbird 370
Gray Catbird 273
Blue Jay 247
Mourning Dove 240
House Sparrow 219
Northern Cardinal 217
Mallard 203
American Goldfinch 178
Turkey Vulture 158
Carolina Chickadee 151
Rock Pigeon 127
House Finch 122
Tufted Titmouse 108

Carolina Wren 96
Red-bellied Woodpecker 92
Cedar Waxwing 83

Carroll County Chapter of Maryland Ornithological Society

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