2015 Fall Count

The Carroll County Bird Club Fall Count took place on September 19, 2015. Twenty-one observers in twelve parties covered a total of 40.5 miles on foot and 222.5 miles in vehicles. We also had quite few feeder-watchers this time.
4944 individual birds were recorded, belonging to 93 different species. This last number was down a bit compared to previous years. Counters commented that it was a slow day. Dense fog at some locations in the morning probably didn’t help.
Still, there were some good birds seen including 14 warbler and 5 vireo species. There were write-ins for three of the latter. Warbling, Yellow-throated, and Philadelphia were all recorded. Flycatchers also put on a good show, with some actually singing. Least, Yellow-bellied, and Acadian were very good finds. Maureen and Dave hosted the Tally Rally. Thanks. The food and the atmosphere were great.
Our next count will be the Mid-winter Count, on January 16th, 2016. Please try to save the date. I will be contacting you when we get closer to the time. Again, thanks to everyone for counting. I have listed below the top 20 bird species in terms of numbers.  Most, but not all, are pretty predictable.

Canada Goose 719
European Starling 520
American Crow 291
Blue Jay 259
Gray Catbird 225
Red-winged Blackbird 183
Carolina Chickadee 175
American Goldfinch 168
Turkey Vulture 163
Mourning Dove 157
Northern Cardinal 155
Rock Pigeon 152
House Sparrow 141
Fish Crow 130
Tufted Titmouse 117
Carolina Wren 90
Eastern Bluebird and American Robin 83
Chimney Swift 81
Red-bellied Woodpecker 79
Northern Mockingbird 70

Carroll County Chapter of Maryland Ornithological Society

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