2013 Mid-Winter Count

We had a very successful mid-winter count this year. 21 observers covered 408.80 miles by car and 62 miles on foot to count 20471 individuals of 90 different species. Our top twenty species as far as numbers is concerned were:
Canada goose 5949
European starling 4061
Common grackle 3010
American crow 1611
Dark-eyed junco 754
White-throated sparrow 556
Rock pigeon 335
Mourning dove 269
Turkey vulture 258
Mallard and Ring-billed gull 242 (tie)
Northern cardinal 231
Blue jay and House sparrow 215 (tie)
Carolina chickadee 186
American robin 166
Song sparrow 153
Tufted titmouse 139
Eastern bluebird 137
Carolina wren 126
Common merganser 124
White-breasted nuthatch 86

The most exciting find of the day, however, was the Say’s Phoebe observed by Bob Ringler at a farm in the western part of the county.

For a comparison of the last eight years of Mid-Winter Count data, click here.

Our May Count is scheduled for Saturday, May 11th. If you plan to participate, please contact Don Jewell at jewelldg@gmail.com.

A new checklist is in the early stages of preparation and will be distributed before the count.

Carroll County Chapter of Maryland Ornithological Society

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