2019 Youth Art Show

All photos by Dave Harvey

This is the 3rd time we have done the event “Wild About Birds: Beauty in Carroll’s Backyards”.  This year was the first time it was held at a library.

Sponsors included The Maryland Ornithological Society, Bowman’s Home & Garden, and Kayama Studios.

The Eldersburg Library was the location for the opening reception and award ceremony Saturday May 4th from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.  The reception was attended by approximately 75 artists, family, and club members.

The exhibit is intended to use art to foster an appreciation of birdlife in Carroll County by young people.  51 entries in a variety of media and style were submitted. Artists were limited to one entry each. Judging was done by a panel of professional artists and birders.  Judging was blind.  18 artists donated their art work to be used for silent auction to benefit library programs.  The total raised is not yet determined.

The exhibit will remain on display at the library until May 25th.

Part of the first place prize is an opportunity to take a class entitled “Careful Observation and Bird Drawing” with renowned bird illustrator Ikumi Kayama.

Awards: Wild About Birds 2019


  • 3rd Place: Caden Bush: How to Train a Bird (4)
  • 2nd Place: Eden Moges: Blossom Birds (13)
  • 1st Place: Charlotte Carney: Robin on a Warm Sunny Day ((30)

Grade 3-5

  • 3rd Place: Abigail Testerman: Bird in Sunset (27)
  • 2nd Place: Kate Welling: Cerulian Warber (44)
  • 1st Place: Natalie Daniel: Female Tree Swallow (9)

Middle School

  • 3rd Place: Tie
    •  Madison Daniel: Cedar Waxwing Nest (7)
    • Mya Darby: Hummingbird (45)
  • 2nd Place: Morgan Daniel: Gazing Blue Jay (8)
  • 1st Place: Camryn Cruz: Eastern Bluebird (49)

High School

  • 2nd Place: Delaney Schwartzman: Palakwayo (47)
  • 1st Place: Ainsley Lundquist: “Drink-Your-Tea” (42)

Special Awards

  • Ethan Jenkins: Falling of the Feather (19) unique tactile piece using different colors of yarn.
  • Brooklynn Ellis: Disturbing Woodpeckers (35) Great story and sense of humor which is often observed when appreciating nature

State Bird

( We also acknowledged artists who incorporated the Maryland State bird in their artwork)


  • Harrison Kavalsky
  • Luke Radcliffe
  • Gavin Andrews
  • Grant Centineo
  • Shelby Husk
  • Cecil Mudede

Raven: Brody knight

Carroll County Chapter of Maryland Ornithological Society

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